Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Many people give up hosting holiday dinners because of the work involved - and it is true, it can be overwhelming to host a large gathering.  Let C&M Party Props help you organize a less stressful event this year using our tables, chairs, linens, dishes, utensils, glasses and serving pieces.

Stress reduction does require planning ahead. Call or stop by our showroom after looking through our website for inspiration.  Bring your room and table measurements if you are unsure of how many you can seat.  We can help determine how and where to place additional tables and chairs for your crowd.  

If it is a very large gathering, consider a tent! We carry canopies, walled tents and heaters which are suitable for an East Bay holiday evening.

If you have some special china or linens you want to use, bring those along, too.  That way, you are prepared to mix and match and additional linens or dishes you may need.  Just think, fewer things to wash and iron when the party is done!

Bring your guest count to order dishes, utensils and glasses plus your meal plan to help choose serving dishes and chafers.  Rental items need only be rinsed and returned - saving time (and water) during dinner clean-up.

C&M Party offers the option for delivery or for pick up from our Walnut Creek
location.  Delivery trucks do fill up, so begin planning at least a month ahead to insure a delivery reservation.  Orders may be updated up to 2 days before delivery - so changes can be accommodated as your plans firm up.

Let us help you make this your best holiday gathering ever.

Monday, February 29, 2016


Scrolling through Pinterest has inspired many party planners to new creative heights.  There are so many fun, colorful, creative ideas for food, crafts, games, and decor that an Easter party becomes irresistible - so invite the family or neighborhood around and celebrate spring.

C&M party has a rainbow of linens to brighten up your dining and buffet tables.  Go all out and fold napkins the way “Martha” does – into darling bunny forms!

C&M party has serving pieces, including tiered plate stands for desserts, rolls and appetizers.  Also available is a variety of glassware for full bars, lemonade stands or Brunch mimosas. A wide selection of plates to feed your guests. Coffeemakers for a crowd and chafing dishes to keep your buffet food warm. 

Check out the website or give us a call to discuss your party inspiration and how C&M can help make it both convenient and memorable!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Party

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a party?  Call on us at C&M Party.

For a traditional party, we have green linens in shades from lime to Hunter.  Many people use green and gold together which brings sparkle to the table.  We have gold chargers, gold trimmed china and even gold flatware.  Accent each place with gold foil candies as party favors!

For the traditional dinner, serve corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread with specialty beers and finish off with Irish coffees. 

For a youthful theme – think rainbows leading to the pot of gold.  Use multi-colored linens and set up a candy buffet with rainbow button candies, Green Apple Suckers, rainbow Skittles, green gummies and gold coins.

For the young crowd, think green – skewers of honeydew, grapes and kiwi alongside a pesto pasta salad.  Serve a Shamrock Punch of Lime Sherbet and Ginger Ale.

Another popular idea is serving beer flights – tastings of Irish ales or locally brewed beers. Serve with mini corned beef sandwiches and a cheese board with rye breads.  A green checked tablecloth and napkins will up the celebratory vibe.

Monday, January 25, 2016


The Academy Awards will be televised on Sunday, February 28, 2016.  The Oscars is a great party opportunity – start with the Red Carpet arrivals and end with your own award to the guest who selected the most winners.

A red carpet leading to your front door with your own “press corps” flashing cameras and calling out questions of the arriving guests as an exciting kick off.  Have the arrival photos printed up to send home as party favors.

Gold is the color of Oscar night.  Set your buffet table with gold accents, serve up golden hued champagne and an elegant array of foods.  C&M Party is the place to rent champagne flutes, gold flatware, gold rimmed china and any other rental items needed to set the stage.

Or choose to go more casual on Oscar night.  Pajama parties, costume parties (dress like a character in a nominated film) or just be comfy for the long telecast.  For a more relaxed party, serve movie theater treats.  Rent a popcorn machine, stock up on Junior Mints and Red Vines.  Serve hot dogs and nachos –  whatever your local theater favorites are.

Print outs are available online for Oscar Ballots and Bingo games, a fun way to engage your guests in the proceedings with prizes for the winners.

However classy or casual you want your Oscar party to be – C&M Party rentals will help set the mood, make set up and clean up easier and allow the hosts to enjoy the party as much as the guests!

Monday, January 11, 2016


Considering a party for Valentine's Day?  For kids it's the next opportunity for creativity and candy.  For adults, this holiday inspires events both romantic and mischievous, creating an array of spirited celebrations throughout the day.

Up until this year a friend hosted a couple's party. This year she is newly single and planning a "Stupid Cupid" party.  She will decorate with a red and black theme using a broken heart theme - using our Regal Black China and red napkins.  I suggested a red heart shaped pinata, perfect for taking out any aggrieved feelings.

A romantic dinner for two was on the mind of a C&M customer last year.  When the astute gentleman came into our showroom, he rented a small round table, pink linens, silver Chivari chairs, glassware, china and flatware.  He picked up a pre-cooked dinner, served it in style and no one had to do any dishes!  That's what I call a perfect Valentine's dinner for two.

Whether you are hosting a couple's dinner or a mixed group for cocktails, thinking outside of that heart shaped box can be creative and fun.  Consider moving beyond red for your color scheme by trying shades of pink from pale to hot.  The introduction of silver or gold accents can make it a sparkly event.  Including all the colors of Conversation Heart Candies is a unique option, too

Call C&M for more party ideas both large and small.  We are happy to help you plan your next party or occasion.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Invitation with damask print.
One of the most current design elements actually originated in 8th century Egypt!  Damask is a woven textile, usually comprised of a shiny cloth and a duller cloth woven together into a pattern.  When woven into a monochromatic or single color, the opposing threads of the fabric reflect light differently giving the cloth a luxurious, expensive look.

These ancient patterns have been freshly stylized in modern textiles, paper and other forms - most frequently seen in contrasting colors.

Burgundy Damask tablecloth.
C&M Party has a variety of classic damask linens available for rental which will enhance any holiday gathering or special event. Our linens are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Consider our hunter green or  burgundy damask linens for your Christmas table.  Mix with our gold chargers and utensils then add more gold accents in the centerpiece for a really luxe look.

Black and white themed tale.

For a New Year's Eve event, black damask is very elegant.  Even better, mix black and white damask linens and black Chivari chairs with white pads. This is a really classic combination with silver accents to usher in a bright New Year.